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Server virtualisation

Boosting performance and productivity with trusted Enterprise solutions from Upgrade – real benefits in a virtual world

Virtualised servers, desktops and storage, converged and hyper-converged infrastructures explained…

Traditional server environments tend to employ a dizzying array of single function boxes. Our bespoke Virtualised Server Environments require less physical servers because they now exist in a software / virtual form (courtesy of a Hypervisor programme) and are partitioned from any other software servers that might exist in the same box (Server Host), across a number of hosts, the cloud or hybrid cloud.

The advantages are immediate, numerous and fundamental. Once virtualised, the server architecture requires less space, energy and maintenance, resulting in lower operating costs and both greater system and user productivity. Such an environment can offer mirrored functionality, simplified security, automatic restarts (High Availability – HA) and automated back-up, resulting in operational continuity and enhanced resiliency / disaster recovery. Hardware can be replaced 'live' – during a live migration the administrator can relocate virtual machines from one server host to another whilst repairs or upgrades are undertaken without any downtime.

Hardware upgrades

An option to deploy diverse operating systems (co-existing but independent) paves the way for considerable scalability and when fast server provision is required it can be 'created' in minutes within the virtual realm. Virtual 'test' servers can be created and modified until go-live, dramatically reducing 'lab' testing and implementation time and cost.

Deploying desktop computers and keeping them updated is time consuming and prone to error. Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) allow organisations to enjoy a centrally operable end-user environment (typically 50+ users) offering:

• Increased desktop security and faster patch roll out.
• Reduced costs by deploying thin clients without the need for bespoke installation and configuration and by maintaining a single OS image.
• Time and money saved on maintenance.
• Scaled user access to company resources from any number of endpoint devices including BYOD over both LAN and WAN, enhancing user experience.
• Simplified and enhanced utilisation of video conferencing, cloud and SaaS.

Immediate & amazing benefits for your business!

Email, digital imaging, document management, CCTV and video are just a few causes of data growth creating a significant storage challenge for today's enterprise. Our capacity planning and workload assessments establish the optimal solutions for current demands and can ensure scalability for future possibilities within your business.

Together we will optimise your environment with various Data Storage Options from SAN (Storage Area Network) for increased resilience within your virtualised environment to NAS (Network Attached Storage) for file storage. To increase local storage for a server that has reached its capacity direct attached solutions can be deployed. Using all of these technologies and other offerings including those from our software partners such as SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) and SDN (Software Defined Networking), we can address any business issues including backup, disaster recovery and business continuity

As the datacentre has progressed, variants have evolved to service specific market sectors. Whilst SAN storage remains the backbone of many businesses' virtual server and desktop environment, a converged or hyperconverged infrastructure is an increasingly common alternative depending on the business requirement.

Optimised desktops

Converged systems are effectively a 'virtualised network in a box' that are very dense incorporating server, networking and storage into a single hardware offering, requiring only a suitable Hypervisor to be installed. They are typically easy to manage with low energy use, making them popular where IT HR is thin on the ground.

In a Hyper-converged infrastructure a SAN may not necessarily be incorporated at all, instead, Software Defined Storage (SDS) utilises the existing internal local physical storage available across the various server hosts spreading data between them to deliver greatly enhanced scalability, resilience, functionality and performance.